“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”
― Ken Robinson

Personal projects have been an instrumental tool for me to enhance my understanding of light and shadow. These endeavors have enabled me to capture breathtaking and evocative images, as well as learn from those that did not meet my expectations. I firmly believe that every experience, whether it ends in triumph or defeat, presents an opportunity for growth and development. This outlook has inspired me to consistently test my limits and experiment with fresh techniques and styles.

Moreover, I am dedicated to sharing only my best work with others. I comprehend the significance of exhibiting a refined and professional portfolio, and I am committed to ensuring that the images I showcase are of the utmost quality and accurately reflect my abilities.

Over the years, I have embarked on a range of projects, each of which presented a distinct challenge and allowed me to explore diverse techniques and styles. My portfolio represents some of my most prized achievements, and I encourage you to peruse it and observe the progress I have made over time. Each project serves as a stepping stone in my ongoing professional and personal development. I am thrilled to continue exploring the world of light and shadow through my personal projects and am eager to see where my passion will take me next.


As a means of ensuring that I always have professional models to work with. I have decided to grow my own. Below are some of the females models I have grown. Downloadable Galleries

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Tarot Cards

Are you needing your future told. Looking for ways to prevent the bad from happening. How about learning a bit more about yourself. Our tarot readers can tell you everything you want to know. They make great eye candy also. Galleries for Download

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Pairs is a collection of galleries where I was lucky to have two beautiful models in stead of my normal individual shoots. Digital Galleries for Download

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