As I transitioned into remote work, I observed a significant surge in online sales, sparking a contemplation beyond conventional purchases. What if the realm of online shopping extended beyond typical items to include something as unconventional as ordering a personal bride? A Mail Order Bride—bypassing the financial strains of traditional weddings, offering the allure of delivery in attire of choice or none at all.

In my work as an Oklahoma City-based professional photographer, I explored this concept through my “Mail Order Bride” project, delving into the intriguing juxtaposition of fantasy and reality.

The notion extends beyond just one bride; what if multiple brides could be ordered and shipped in? The mere thought sparks visions of extraordinary nights filled with enchantment and possibility. The project isn’t just about photographs; it’s about exploring the boundaries of imagination, challenging societal norms, and evoking conversations about desires and fantasies. It’s a creative exploration that invites viewers to envision a world where unconventional fantasies might intertwine with modern-day commerce.

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